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Why do We Need a Consultant?

FLAG is now preparing for the examination phase of the LPP2 preparation and its members have agreed that professional help would be beneficial in making a strong case during this critical phase. 

FLAG Scope of Work

We have identified four phases to this stage in the plan preparation which FLAG will need to undertake, these are as follows:

  • Review of representations made by other parties during phase 2 of the plan preparation. (understood to be due for publication end of February early March 2018)
  • Establish approach to be taken following the inspector’s invitation to participate in examinations (understood to be end of March 2018)
  • Prepare statements of maximum 3,000 words to submit to inspector and use during examination (submission understood to be approximately three weeks from inspector’s invitation)
  • Attend examinations (understood to be during May or June 2018)
Consultant’s Support

Until the full set of representations received by VoWHDC during phase 2 of the plan preparation have been published and reviewed, the exact scope of professional support cannot be fully quantified. We have, however, put together a scope of work we feel will most fulfil our requirements, understanding this may need refinement as we go through the process.

  • Critical review of FLAG output following review of VoWHDC published phase 2 responses. This may need to be amended once we understand volume of documentation.
  • Critical review of FLAG approach following inspector’s invitation, including advice on what options are available to us in the event of our not being invited to comment on specific issues
  • Critical review of FLAG’s 3,000 word statements
  • Overall project management and guidance, as appropriate during the course of the exercise
  • Attendance at the enquiry and/or act as the spokesperson for FLAG/PC, if required
  • Additional support not quantified above during the course of the process, on an hourly emerging cost basis