About Us

We are FLAG (Fyfield land Action group) and we exist to be the voice of the local community and to partner with the Parish Council.  We are a group of volunteers with diverse skills in writing, agitating, hustling, planning, influencing, speaking and co-ordinating others.  Our main aim is to stop development of the 700++ housing scheme proposed by Lioncourt in Kingston Bagpuize.  We are unique because we live in the area and we care about protecting the land, the quality of living and the environment.  We are not for profit.


How we work within the Community

F.L.A.G. operate as the connection between the local community and the District Council. Our aim to is to simplify and educate the local community to make a fair and informed decision on Planning  initiatives in the area. Without this ear to the ground, our belief is that the democratic process is likely to be bypassed.


We update members of our community through monthly newsletter, blasts and calls to action at times where the local community is required to voice their opinions. We act as a go between for the elected members of council to inform the developers and we work closely with the Parish Council.


Contextual History

In March 2017, the Vale of the White Horse launched the second part of its Local Plan (2031). This included an area of land within the parish of Fyfield and Tubney to have a 600 property housing development, a new relief road on to the A420, a new roundabout, a petrol station and an HGV lay-by.

Fyfield village currently has 185 properties. No shop. No wider services. It is a village.

This proposal will ruin the village, destroy local eco-systems and habitats, increase noise, air and light pollution and won’t address the wider needs of the city of Oxford.

As an addition, we now learn that a planning application has been made by Savills, and Lioncourt for a scoping exercise for a 700 house estate, plus primary school and an 70 additional care home places. The details are Here

So not only are they planning to destroy the environment, destroy the separate identities of Oxfordshire villages and create traffic havoc, they are now riding roughshod over previously agreed planning timetables.