Planning Application P18/V2791/O

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The developers, Lioncourt Strategic Land, have recently submitted a revised planning application to VoWH DC to build 660 houses and 70 extra care places on ‘Land East of Kingston Bagpuize’, i.e. in our parish. Since the previous application in November 2018,  the Inspector’s report on Part 2 of the VoWH Local Plan has been published and Part 2 of the Local Plan was, very reluctantly, adopted by VoWH DC in October 2019.

Oxfordshire County Council had substantial objections to the November 2018 planning application, mainly on the grounds of an inadequate appraisal of the effects of increased traffic in the area.

The Local Plan which was adopted by VoWH DC contained the Major Modification that no dwellings on the site be occupied until the Friford A338/A415 junction is upgraded and there is satisfactory mitigation of the Air Quality problems in Marcham.

In the revised application the developers attempt to sidestep the problem of Air Quality in Marcham by proposing that HGVs be rerouted out of Marcham via Frilford Heath and Faringdon Road past the Doghouse and through Gozzards Ford, or – even worse – by imposing a blanket ban on HGVs in Marcham, which could have any number of unforeseen consequences. Neither of those ‘solutions’ would solve the problem of congestion in Marcham

The developers have ignored the request for the up-to-date traffic surveys which were requested by OCC, claiming that it was unnecessary.

The developers have also ignored OCC’s serious concern about increased rat-running on minor roads in the local area which would be caused by the development (though they would be pleased to discuss it after the application is approved!).  

The developers’ traffic analysts have, however, confirmed our conclusions that the increase in traffic between now and 2031 would lead to severe problems at the Frilford Junction, and the Marcham and Botley interchanges with the A34.

All the objections to the development which we made at the examination of the Local Plan in July 2018 and to the previous planning application remain valid.

We FLAG/PC will reiterate our objections to this development; two documents which we have prepared concerning the HGV diversion and rat-running are linked.

The deadline for objections is 3 September 2020. The link to the planning application is here.

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